Macie's Old Home Video's

Now that I am actually "doing" more things, Mommy and Daddy will use this page to post my home videos!  Hope you enjoy watching me!

Watch Macie Jump on You Tube!! view website
This is by far my favorite thing to do right and enjoy!
Listen to Macie's Little Laughs on You Tube view website
It took Mommy sounding stupid, but it was worth the laughs!
Watch Macie Discover that She Can Make Her Toys Move on You Tube! view website
Starting to discover my toys!!
Watch Macie Try Her First Solid Food on You Tube view website
Trying out solid food for the 1st time!
12/25/07~Watch Macie on her 1st Christmas on You Tube view website
I woke up way too early on Christmas morning! Watch me as I wake up from my first nap after opening all of my gifts...I am so happy!
12/31/07~Watch Macie and Maximus Sing Karaoke on You Tube view website
I spent New Year's Eve with Mommy and Daddy and their friends! Maximus came with too and I loved watching him sing karaoke!
1/15/08~Watch Macie Have a Blast Playing Ball with Uncle Alex and Zandar! view website
I had a great time playing with the big ball with my Uncle Alex and Cousin Zandar! The proof is in the giggle!
1/22/08~Watch Macie Play her Favorite Game...Peek-a-Boo! view website
It's my favorite game!!
3/5/08~Watch Macie Laugh Again on You Tube! view website
You just can't hear me laugh enough!!
3/9/08~Watch Macie Play at Baby Beach on Your Tube! view website
I love the water! Watch me play at the beach, I had so much fun!