Macie's Growth Chart and Doctor's Visits
Mommy and Daddy will use this area to chart my growth and to record information from my Doctor's visits. 
2011-10-20 21:05:21.0 4 1/2 years old

Well the time has come that our family has been dreading for eye surgery!  Mommy and I headed over to Oahu on Wednesday morning for a pre-op appointment with Dr. Liao.  It was a simple appointement.  Doctor checked my eyes one last time and went over what to expect on surgery day and the weeks following the surgery.  After the appointment Mommy and I each picked a favorite place to visit...Target and Chuck E Cheese! We pretended like it was my birthday at Chuck E Cheese and they sang Happy Birthday to me and I got free tokens and a slice of cake! It was the fun we needed before the scary day we had ahead of us! It was a great last meal too because I had to stop eating for the surgery! On surgery day I was a little nervous but overall I took it like a champ! I only cried once we got into the operating was pretty intimadating in there!  The surgery took 2 1/2 hours and then another 2 hours for me to wake up. I was glad that Mommy and Daddy prepared me for what might be going on when I woke really helped to know that my eyes may be patched and sore, but it was ok to open them if I wanted...I didn't!  The next day we were seen again by Dr. Liao and she said things seemed to be healing well for the 24 hour mark. If we lived on Oahu we would be expected to be seen in 1 week but since we have to travel, we will be seen in 1 month! Keep your fingers crossed that all is well!

2011-05-25 23:14:50.0 4 years old
  • 39 1/8 inches
  • 36 pounds, 5 ounces
  • Today was my 4 year old check up! The doctor asked me all sorts of questions to test my intelligence and guess what...I am smart! All my other body systems checked out great as well. We talked a little about my upcoming surgery and answered some of Mommy's questions. Then it was time for the shots! Mommy and I had been talking about it for a long time so I knew it was coming and I was very brave! I did cry right before the first shot was given and stopped right after the fourth shot was complete! It was rough but I made it through! Now I am ready to go to preschool in August and I don't have to go back again until I am five years old!

    2011-05-13 16:13:01.0 4 years old (in 8 days)

    Today we got up bright and early and took an early morning flight to Oahu to visit with Dr. Liao! After almost 7 months of wearing my glasses daily we were hoping to get the good news that my eyes were correcting  on their own. Much to our disappointment we were told that there was little change. So as discussed last time, the doctor confirmed that I will have to have surgery to correct my eyes. It was also discovered that I have a blocked tear duct so during the surgery they will also correct that problem. Talk about a bummer! We are going to go back in September for one final appointment and then we will probably schedule the surgery for sometime near the end of the year! While we are all feeling a little let down, we look forward to having everything corrected so we can hopefully put this all behind us!

    2010-11-19 22:46:16.0 3 1/2 years old

    Today we flew over to Oahu for my regular scheduled eye check up. Despite being tired due to our early flight over, I did great! I cooperated with everything Dr. Liao asked me to do. She even listened to my request of "no eyedrops please!" Upon finishing all the testing Dr. Liao decided that I might actually see better without my glasses and that the glasses are not actually fixing my strabismus as well as once hoped. Although there has been some improvement, it is not enough to leave it alone. Her opinion is that we may have to go ahead and do the surgery. Mommy tried to keep it together upon hearing this news but I know she wanted to cry. I know she is so worried about how I will be scared and that it may be uncomfortable, and all the worst case scenarios. The doctor said that it isn't something that has to be done right away, but it would be desireable to do it before I started school. Mommy, Daddy, and I decided that we were going to give the glasses one last try. I know that if I don't wear them that I may have to have surgery so I am now giving it my all! We will go back to the doctor in about 4-6 months and see what she says! Wish me luck!

    2010-05-26 17:12:10.0 3 years old
  • 36 inches
  • 30 pounds, 8 ounces
  • Boy what a difference a year makes! Today was my 3 year check up and things went way better than last year! I was totally into it this time! I was happy, did everything the doctor asked me to do, and didn't cry one bit! Everything checked out great and the best news was that I didn't have to get any shots today! Unfortunately, I was informed that when I turn 4, I will have to get four shots! Oh, well...I have a year until I have to worry about that!

    2009-05-22 11:39:58.0 2 years old
  • 27 pounds
  • Today was my 2 year old doctor visit!  Things went just as they did during my 18 month check up!  I cried from the time we were called backed to the nurses station, until we walked out of the door!  Everything checked out ok as far as anyone knows (it was hard to hear with all my crying)!  Today we saw Dr. Andrew (Fox) and he talked with Mommy a little bit about discipline.  I cried extra hard during that speech in hopes of her missing the conversation!  I did have to get one shot (Hepatitis vaccine) and I cried when I got that but got a little happy when I got a My Little Pony sticker!  Thankfully I don't have to go back until I am 3!!
    2008-12-03 23:13:37.0 18 months
  • 31 3/4 inches
  • 23 pounds, 2 ounces
  • It was back to Dr. Fox's today for my 18 month well baby check up, and guess what??  It wasn't that bad!  I did not have to get any shots today!!  It was a pretty typical day at the doctors office.  They weighed me (I cried), measured me (I cried), and checked out the rest of my body (I cried!)  I do not like to be touched by anyone at the doctors office.  Dr. Fox said that I am just like every other 18 month old she sees!  So since my last appointment I have made some strides in the height department!  I am now right in the 50th percentile.  My weight is still right at the 25th percentile, and my head is still hanging in right above the 75th percentile!!  You know what they say...big head, big brain!!!  Dr. Fox talked to Mommy about getting rid of my paci before my baby brother comes.  I don't really like that idea, but we will see how it goes.  She also said that I was ahead of the game in the speech department, and that I was a very social little girl!!  I love a compliment!  We don't have to go back again until I am 2 years old!!
    2008-11-14 09:38:51.0
    Let's make a long story short.  Mommy and Daddy took me back to the very first eye doctor that recommended glasses.  After a few unpleasant visits with the other doctor, they decided that in the end Dr. Liao's office is where I needed to be.
    Let me start off by saying that I hate going to the eye doctor.  The drops and bright lights in my eyes really irritate me! 
    She did a quick exam of my eyes and then gave me the drops to diailate my eyes.
    After her exam she decided that she wanted to cut my lens strength in half (+2.0) to see if that would help me accept my glasses.  She believes that the other glasses I have are too strong to start with, which makes everything blurry, which in return causes me to yank them off my face immediately after Mommy puts them on!
    She said that I am slightly far sighted and the glasses would help my eyes be able to focus and relax.  In the long run this should make them stronger and eventually I may not need them again.  The other option is to have surgery.  Neither the doctor, or Mommy and Daddy are ready for this alternative!
    We will go back to Dr. Liao in January or February to see how things are going!
    2008-08-29 09:44:23.0 15 months!
  • 29 3/4 inches
  • 21 pounds
  • Today was my 15 month well baby check up!  I pretty much have these appointments figured out by now!  They weigh me, they measure me, they talk about me, and then to finish things off they poke me and make me cry!!  I am still right around the 25th percentile for weight (right above) and height(right below) and my head is still a little on the large size!  Once again the focus of Mommy and Dr. Fox's discussion was discipline.  She said it is my job everyday to test Mommy and Daddy (check!) and it is their job to say "No!" (Check! Double Check!)  I only got one shot because Mommy and Dr. Fox decided to wait again on the MMR and Chicken Pox shot.  It's back again at 18 months to do it all over again!
    2008-06-20 10:24:43.0
    We went to Dr. Ing's today so he could check my eyes.  Mommy told him that I am not good at keeping my glasses on...I can't believe she told on me!  Anyways, he did a few tests and said that he didn't see me favoring either eye and that my vision has not changed, or has maybe slightly improved.  He told Mommy that from what he could see and because I make it difficult anyway that she could quit putting the glasses on me!  He will continue to monitor my eyes and we may have to try the glasses at a later time when I can cooperate a little more!